Vincent Bouillat: WHITE ANIMALS
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It was in the small Burgundy town of Vezelay that I first saw his funny animals in an art gallery and had the pleasure to meet the artist. Vincent Bouillat sculpts with unusual material: cloth that is hardened and then painted white. To him, white symbolizes the purity of the wild world he loves so much.

Vincent Bouillat was born in Troyes, France, in 1953 and started sculpting at the age of 14. He studied art at the University of Provence Aix-Marseille, from which he graduated in 1977. During the next 17 years Vincent traveled around the world: North America, Fiji Islands, and Ivory Coast - nature and the wild world were his primary objects of interest. While trying several occupations for a living, from teaching to gardening and construction work, Bouillat continued to paint and sculpt.

From the beginning of his artistic life, Bouillat experimented with different forms and materials, developing his unique iconography. Returning to Troyes in 1994, he dedicated himself completely to sculpting and writing.

The idea of white animals was born in 1998. Since his first solo show in 2000 - at the Point Z gallery in Troyes - Bouillat has exhibited extensively in art galleries and in museums in France and Belgium. His work Jeannot, The Rabbit is included in the permanent collection of the Musée international d'Art Naïf Anatole Jakovsky in Nice.

Like Pinocchio, Bouillats creations are full of life and happiness. Vincent says that his works attract both children and adults. And the first reaction is always the same: a big smile. Vincent Bouillat likes to call his collection a Human Zoo, and indeed, human emotions are easily recognizable in his funny and joyful animals.

Vladimir Boyko, curator

To get better acquainted with the artist and his personality, we posed him a series of questions inspired by the famous Marcel Proust questionnaire:

Your favorite qualities in a person: Honesty, intelligence, and beauty of the soul

Qualities you dislike or hate:  Aggressiveness, selfishness, lying, and avarice

Qualities you would like to possess: The power to be happy

Favorite occupation: Gardening and the Internet

If not yourself, who would you like to be: Hermes or Buddha

Favorite food and drink: Confit de canard and red wine

Where would you like to live: Near a park & nature reservation in Northern California or in Cévennes, France

Favorite artists: The 17th century Dutch painters

Favorite musicians: Mozart, Offenbach, ragtime, and gypsy music

Favorite writers: Gustave Flaubert

Sounds you like: Wind in the trees of the forest and sea waves

Sounds you dislike: Machine engines

Favorite color: Red

With which animal can you associate yourself: Raccoon

Your idea of happiness: Love and working in the middle of nowhere

Your favorite motto: Know yourself!



Amelia, The Giraffe, 2007

Amelia, The Giraffe (fragment), 2007

Amedee The Giraffe, 2007

Amedee, The Giraffe (fragment), 2007

Noble, The Deer, 2005

Dedee, The Goat, 2008

Dedee, The Goat (fragment), 2008

Cornelius, The Baby Elephant, 2007

Cornelius, The Baby Elephant, 2007

Victor, The Penguin, 2006

Victor, The Penguin, 2006

Royal, The Peacock, 2009

Royal, The Peacock, 2009

Doctor, The Owl, 2008

Doctor, The Owl (fragment), 2005

Agatha, The Poodle, 2008

Vigo, The Cat, 2008

Carlos, The Cat (fragment), 2006

Fritz, The Cat, 2009
ARTIS collection, Israel

Fritz, The Cat (fragment), 2006
ARTIS collection, Israel

Toutfou, The Rabbit, 2006                            Freddie, The Hare, 2006

Jeannot, The Rabbit, 2007
Collection of Musée international d'Art naïf Anatole Jakovsky, Nice, France

Peter, The Rabbit, 2002

Peter, The Rabbit (fragment), 2008


Photography by Refael Bayer



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